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Since in 1947, Lemay Concrete Block has been a family owned block manufacturer.

In 1947, Leonard Fred Detmer needed block for his own yard project.  When they weren't available he began making his own.  From a single mold and hand crank mixer, Leonard made 8" x 8" x 16" standard masonry block.  Once neighbors saw he was making block, they inquired about buying theirs from him.  Its from those humbling days that Lemay Concrete Block Co. began.  Today, the family is still making those 8" x 8" x 16" masonry blocks but over the years, have added to their full line of masonry blocks; including ready-mix concrete, retaining walls, pavers, outdoor kitchen/backyard kits, and are still continuing to expand their product lines.  

Lemay Block prides itself on serving the St. Louis area's do-it-yourself home owners, contractors, and our many local distributors.  Come visit Lemay Block's indoor and outdoor showroom to see full displays of the many products manufactured on site.  


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